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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back for blogging!

I have returned to Wizard101 my dear friends, after a long break! I will begin to start contests soon as I see the poll got some votes on that! I also will be decorating some of my new houses and will share with you once they are done. Now, when I came back to Wizard101 I noticed Wysteria had released and Pegasus mounts arrived as well as new houses and the Wyverns Hoard Pack. I really don't wanna buy so many of the pack because I wasted 60,000 crowns on the Dragons Hoard. So yea.. I really missed out on allot and I guess I gotta catch up to everyone lol. Have a good day wizards!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sultan's Palace!!!

Hello fellow wizards of the spiral! Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if there was a Genie in your house that granted wishes everyday!? No, I haven't either.. but anyways, there is some mega cool awesomely epic so cool I can barely stand it, NEWS! There is a new gift card out in some Gamestop stores in the U.S. Do you know what that gift card is? No? Well let me tell you a little bit about whats inside! First of all this beautiful humble card cost $39 and is worth $100 in value. Thanks Kingsisle, we owe you one for saving us money haha :) So anywho, in this card is a house. Not an ordinary house, no no! A magical, genie, and desert house so HUGE you could almost run out of ideas trying to decorate it all! I'm sure we wont run out of ideas though. This house comes with a PVP Arena just like the MFP(Massive Fantasy Palace). It has the addition of one of the walk through walls. Come on, lets take the grand tour! This here is where you enter the outside of the house and where the World Gate is:
I'm already in love LOL! 
Down here is where the center of the entrance to inside is:
I think that fountain is a marvelous touch for the center :) To the left you can go down a small set of steps to the Oasis and to the right is the private PVP arena.

This is the PVP Arena! I still need to craft more Pavillions to put around there... I'm not sure though.

This here Waterfall leads to the "Gold Room", as I like to call it! Lets take a trip there shall we?

Holy cow, I think I'm rich!!! This house could use more protection for the gold though in case a unicorn with a burglar mask comes in. LOL thats not even possible..
This blog entry is getting a little bit lengthy with the pictures and all, so I'll finish up the tour later! Bye fellow wizards and be sure to be safe in the spiral!

Monday, May 23, 2011

~Late Post~ Wintertusk is here!!!! Hooray :D

So, as most of you 101 players know, the exciting sequel to Grizzlehiem has continued! There is a new world called Wintertusk!! The main creatures in Wintertusk are ravens. Some people say there used to be hints of Grandmother Raven(a major character in the storyline of Wintertusk) in the past of Wizard101 dealing with the horn in her hand. Why not show a picture of Grandmother Raven hmm? Cue the picture!!!
Hmm yes, kind dear old granny raven. Nice looking yes... but quite short eh? Unique character I would think!
There are many beautifully designed areas in Wintertusk. For example, one is Austrilund! Beautiful fall trees, covered with snow, ah wonderful Austrilund! Lets see another picture! Cue the picture..again!

Yup, pretty beautiful eh? And I am indeed riding a ram! Rams are the new mounts in the spiral :)
They are available in 3 colors: Tan, Brown, and White! A very nice addition along with Wintertusk. Oh, since we are talking about Wintertusk and the new updates, remember the wonderful underwater land where you rescued the world famous popstar Selena Gomez aka, Crab Alley? Well..... its back!!!! Oh joy :)
And if you are wondering, no, Selena will not be returning along with Crab Alley :(
One more thing, you remember how Kingsisle had a Mystery Composer for the soundtrack for Wintertusk? Well well, the wait of the identity is over! Who might be these young, international singing sensation be? Nick Jonas!!! Why hooray! Most people are happy its not Justin Beiber I have heard :) If you wanna listen to Nick's music for Wintertusk, head on over to the Commons and talk to him just outside Ambrose's office. He will tell you to meet up with him in Northguard. When you get to Northguard, and follow the yellow arrow at the bottom, you will see Nick Jonas himself, as a pixelized character just like our wizards! Behind him you will see trumpets. Those trumpets have the different music for Wintertusk if you might wanna listen a while.
So thats it for this week, stay tuned to the Story Telling Wizard!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ooh wow...new mounts!

Oh, lookie here! In the crowns shop! Yea that shop that looks like a crown! Whats in it? Some brand new mounts! If you have played before these cool rides came out, you probably know that the Starlight Pony was only a one day mount drop from Unicorn Way. You could also get it permanent by entering contests. So now, you don't gotta have it for just a mere 24 hours, you can have it PERMANENT! Yes, permanent! Not only is the Starlight Pony in the Crowns Shop, there are also other special designed ponies! All of the horses/ponies are inspired by Day and Night if I am correct. There is the Starlight Pony, Moonlight Pony, Sunshine Pony, and Starshine Pony. They are super duper AWESOME!! Ok so, there are other new items as well. You know how you cant use your power pips for your secondary school? Worry no more! New amulets are out for each secondary school you might have. Now, you can use power pips with your secondary schools! Hooray!!!! There is also all the mini-games from the Massive Fantasy Palace Gift Card! I have always wanted Doodle Doug, so yay :) Then, a new costume. Hint: he gives out candy baskets to the younger wizards in the month of April! Its the....drumroll please! EASTER...BUNNY!! Oh joy! You can be the Easter Bunny! So thats all for now.. I think. So, goodbye fellow wizards!

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools day was a bummer for me!

As you all 101 players know, Kingsisle put a countdown on the 101 log in thing a ma jig. I thought it was Wintertusk and I was biting my nails, just itching to see what the new world will look like! Oh no, it was NOT Wintertusk! It was a..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! PET! ROCK! Wow! Like, all of the cool kiddos have pet rocks right?? All of them are gonna have them on Wizard101 thats for sure! You have to wash your rock(it says so in the news) by just walking or swimming in water. Instead of typing all of this info lemme just copy and paste that big long news thing :)

Your Pet Rock

So, by now you most likely have a pet rock. If not, this pet can be found in the Crown Shop. So if you have a pet rock we can move on. In this manual we will go over the training and care taking of your rock so lets begin........ 

I recommend starting to train your pet rock at a very young age, this will make your pet more powerful. Beyond training your pet in the Pet Pavilion, rocks are such intelligent beings that they are born knowing tricks. Here I will mention what your pet can do.... 
Sit - Your pet will sit all on its own, you don't have to teach it to sit.
Stay - Your pet rock will always stay at your side.
Run - When you run, your pet will run beside you. 

Simple care
We will now go over simple care for your rock. 

Run your pet rock through the Wizard City Pond occasionally, and higher level Wizards can swim with it in Celestia. This will keep the pet rock clean. 

The pet rock is a very easy pet to take care of, just feed it after every pet mini-game in the Pet Pavilion to make sure it has enough nutrients to stay healthy. 

Your pet rock will get lots of exercise following beside you as you explore the Spiral! If you are on a mount, don't worry your pet rock is safely tucked inside your backpack. If you don't feel your pet rock is getting enough exercise, you can always place it in your house. 

Your pet rock comes with a very powerful card, and it will be happy to assist you in duels! 

For your pet rock I do recommend sleep. Your pet rock will sleep when you are offline. 

Note: if you want him to go get a checkup at the doctor, dont be worried when they say theres no heart beat. Dr. Purreau will be very happy to give your adult pet rock a clean bill of health for hatching purposes! 

Keep your pet rock happy and healthy, and it will be your best friend!

Back to me, mack :D So yea pet rock, what all the hip and cool people have lol. So yup, no Wintertusk, just a wonderful and beautiful rock!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh wow! Look! Its a contest!

Oh my! I am having a contest! I did not know! This contest that(I think o.o) I have started requires players to figure out riddles and puzzles and complete some rewarding and lengthy races! I'm still planning out the contests and the riddle contests are held when I have crowns(which should be quite soon). Now, I think that all of you have the potential to do this(MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM FOR A NEW CHAR!): BEAT WC W/ 1 FRIEND/PARTNER TO WIN 5 CROWNS PRIZES OF YOUR CHOICE(the first 2 to do it WINS!)! I'm so excited to see people win these contests and be happy! Others being happy sure makes me happy :) So yes umm... for the date of any of the contests I do NOT know. And I highly doubt any of you will take on the WC contest(I hope you do!). And something I have been thinking about is the poor people in Japan :( I plan on donating as much as money as I can to the Red Cross Foundation(I'm pretty sure thats what it's called!). Please help Japan! PLEASE! That would be awesome if you would :) Love Japan <3
So, if you wanna participate in one of the contests comment. And could you spread the word about my blog. Just a tiny favor. I really like blogging and sharing with you all and I want some others to explore this blog too. Maybe one day(I hope), I can be as famous as Friendly, Ditto, Ravenwood Radio Team, etc.  But yea, its a small favor. As small as like a little spot of Play-Doh(What?)! Bye :)


DID YA'LL HEAR? LIKE THIS ERR NEW WORLD THINGY IS COMING OUT CALLED WINTERTUSK!!! WOW! I AM SO EXCITED(you can probaly tell lol..)! So I think we first found out about this "Wintertusk", from Ditto. THANK YOU DITTO! Ditto interviewed Fred Howard(your lucky Ditto..LUCKY LITTLE MONSTER O_O') and Mr. Howard informed us all about Wintertusk. Apparently it dates back to Grizzlehiem. So, maybe we have to beat Grizzlehiem to get there?? In that case, we better be packing up our bear honey(note to self: HIDE THE HONEY FROM THE BEARS!), and get on rollin to Grizzlehiem! Oh and, they are talking about this lady Grandmother Raven. Here look at this amazing concept art of her!*Commands you to look down virtually*

Wow... SHE'S SHORT!!! Oh and I forgot to add Ditto's interview! Here it is:
<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/f1U_QE0DcSQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>